Welcome, to Mullen Excavating.

As a company made of proven players, we are humble and hungry, confident and determined. We are committed to listening harder, working smarter and achieving things that have never been done in order to earn our clients’ business and trust. We don’t assume; we plan and execute.

Kevin Mullen has over 11 years experience in the excavating business. From the beginning as an operator, to now owning a business, Kevin is very passionate about his work. There is only one way to complete and execute jobs, the right way. No excuses. He is always willing to give that extra push to complete the project and make it look the best it can. Lets just say Kevin really loves dirt, not only at work but participating in his hobbies as well. Dirt is in his blood. We mean that in a metaphorical sense.

"We don't assume; we plan and execute."

With Mullen Excavating you get respect, common courtesy, passion and integrity. We will shake your hand and work with you on projects. Making suggestions along the way, helping you and your project reach the final goal. You get large job site experience. Kevin has worked on numerous large sites, Walmart and DIcks Sporting Goods to name a few.

Thank you for considering Mullen Excavating.